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Tizo Tinted Lip Protection



Tizo Tinted Lip Protection is the ultimate lip protection without the use of chemical sunscreen filters. Using only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, Tizo Tinted Lip Protection reflects the sun away from one of the most sensitive areas, the lips. Non-whitening, glides on easily and is ideal either under lip colour or alone. Gentle kiwi, lime, and ginger flavour.

Broad Spectrum SPF45

Water Resistant (80 minutes)


Key Ingredients:

- Titanium Dioxide 4%: Sunscreen

- Zinc Oxide 5.5%: Sunscreen

- Iron Oxide: Light, invisible tint prevents whitening


Tizo Mineral Sunscreens are 100% mineral protection, delivered with exceptional aesthetics including elegant skin feel, the ability to layer under makeup, and virtually invisible appearance on a wide range of skin tones. Since 1989 the creator of Tizo has been crafting healthy sun protection that's a pleasure to use. 

Because of their commitment to using pure and natural ingredients and their effective and luxury feel, Tizo wast the perfect alignment with Pur-Oils for sun protection products.

Tizo Tinted Lip Protection

Tizo Tinted Lip Protection



  • Are there any additives in your product?

    Pür-Oils DO NOT contain aluminum, sulfates parabens, petroleum byproducts, artificial color, or synthetic perfumes. Pur Oils are 100% natural Canadian made from the finest ingredients.

  • Are PÜR-Oils products organic?

    All Pür-Oils products are certified USDA organic.

  • I'm not completely satisfied with my product or I ordered the wrong item. What can I do?

    Your satisfaction is our guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with Pür-Oils products you can return remaining product for exchange or refund. If you would like to return or exchange a product, please email us at